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  1. Introducing GoVets Cash Rewards

    GoVets Cash Rewards Program - Earn GoVets Dollars for Shopping!

    What is GoVets Cash Rewards?

    GoVets Cash Rewards is an exciting program that GoVets launched on June 30th, 2022 to give our loyal customers additional opportunities to earn money (savings) towards future orders on GoVets.  This program essentially rewards our customers our very own currency called GoVets Dollars (GV$).  Every GoVets Dollar earned is worth $1 towards any purchase on GoVets.  There is no limit on how many GoVets Dollars that can be earned and we are always finding new and exciting opportunities for our customers to earn.  Here are just a few ways that you can start earning: 

    Make a Purchase on GoVets  →  1 GoVets Dollar for EVERY $100 spent in your order 

    Make a $1000 Purchase on GoVets  →  10 GoVets Dollar for EVERY $1000 spent in your order 

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  2. Follow, Like, Share GoVets ►Earn GoVets Cash!

    Follow GoVets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube!  Which do you follow us on?

    Program Overview: 

    GoVets loves finding new ways to help you save. If you currently like and follow us on social media accounts, you could earn GoVets Dollars towards your next purchase! For each social media account you follow us on, GoVets Cash will be rewarded towards the next order you place.

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  3. Weekly Giveaway - 8/29 - 9/05

    Enter our GoVets Weekly Giveaway

    GoVets Weekly Giveaway (8/29/2022 - 9/05/2022)


    Click the button below to submit your entry! You never know, you might just win!



    This Week's Prize:  50 GoVets Dollars!  

    GoVets Cash



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