Roller Conveyor 5 ft L 10 BF Steel

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Brand: Ashland Conveyor
Part #: 11F05EG03B10
Roller Conveyor 5 ft L 10 BF Steel
Light-duty roller conveyors with steel frames are stronger and provide better resistance to abrasion and impact than light-duty roller conveyors with aluminum frames. They are suitable for tasks where the weight and volume of the items being moved on the conveyor are low. Also called conveyor sticks, rigid-frame roller conveyor sections consist of rollers that are mounted on axles attached to rigid frames. The sections may be straight or curved. Each section has hooks that connect to pins on other sections to join them and create a conveyor line that allows items to roll along a path from one place to another. Each section must be supported by compatible conveyor stands. The number and spacing of the stands used to support the conveyor section will affect its capacity.

Roller conveyors consist of rollers that are mounted on a series of axles attached to rigid or telescoping frames. These unpowered (gravity-flow) conveyors use a downward slope or a manual push to move loads down the line. The rollers provide a stable surface for moving loads with rimmed or uneven bottoms, such as drums, pails, pallets, skids, and bags. They allow the loads to roll along a path from one place to another, reducing the effort it takes to move the loads in package handling, warehousing, dock, assembly, or inspection tasks. Loads roll forward and back along the conveyors and can be pushed from side to side across the full width of the conveyors. Roller conveyors typically offer more weight capacity than skate wheel conveyors. The conveyor's roller spacing density affects the size of the items that can be conveyed on it. The smallest item on the conveyor should be supported by at least three rollers at all times.

Technical Specifications

  • Item Roller Conveyor
  • Conveyor Frame Type Rigid
  • Frame Shape Straight
  • Load Capacity @ 5 ft. Centers 260 lb/ft
  • Load Capacity @ 10 ft. Centers 36 lb/ft
  • Maximum Load Capacity 260 lb/ft (5 ft Supports)
  • Between Frame Width 10 in
  • Overall Length 5 ft
  • Overall Width 12 in
  • Roller Bearing Type Ball Bearing
  • Conveyor Roller Material Steel
  • Roller Finish/Coating Galvanized
  • Roller Dia. 1 3/8 in
  • Roller Gauge 18 ga
  • Roller Spacing 3 in
  • Roller Set Positioning Set High
  • Frame Material Galvanized Steel
  • Frame Height - Conveyors 2 1/2 in
  • Conveyor Connection Type Bolt-On

Manufacturer Details

  • Manufacturer: Ashland Conveyor
  • Condensed Mfg Number: 11F05EG03B10
  • MPN: 11F05EG03B10

Label Details

  • Hazardous Material: N
  • Green Material Flag: N
  • TAA Compliant: Y
  • Country of Origin: US
  • CA Prop 65 Wht Label: N

Shipping Details

  • Ship Weight: 55.00

Classification Details

  • Harmonization Code: 8428390000
  • GDS Category Name: Roller Conveyors
  • GDS Family Name: Conveyors
  • GDS Segment Name: Material Handling
  • UNSPSC: 24101709
  • UNSPSC Class ID: 17
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Conveyors and accessories
  • UNSPSC Commodity ID: 09
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Roller conveyors
  • UNSPSC Family ID: 10
  • UNSPSC Family Name: Material handling machinery and equipment
  • UNSPSC Segment ID: 24
  • UNSPSC Segment Name: Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies

Shipping Details

  • Not For Sale In: HI AK PR
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Manufacturer Part Number 11F05EG03B10
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