Consider GoVets as an Alternative USA-Based Supplier to Amazon

Amazon offers an amazing and consistent shopping experience for shoppers around the world.  There are so many benefits to shopping on Amazon.  When anyone shops on this platform, they know that they will "most likely" receive the product they expect in the timelines advertised on the platform.  Amazon has the largest selection of products in the world and helps shoppers find alternative items when what they are looking for is not available or in stock.  Most items are competitively priced and the usability of the platform is the industry standard.  Returns are extremely easy to process and their relationship with UPS to drop-off returns is very convenient.

With all the benefits that come with the world's largest marketplace, Amazon does have some drawbacks or risks that need to be considered by customers. 

For example - when you purchase something on Amazon, you're purchasing this item from an Amazon reseller that can be located anywhere around the world.  When US-Based businesses and government buyers purchase items on Amazon, it is easy to purchase an item from an international company that is able to find a way to list their products at the most competitive price, so they can have the primary listing for a product.  Government Buyers need to always be aware of international resellers setting up shadow companies in the USA, and later sending all sales proceeds outside the United States.  Depending on the location of the resellers, this type of business activity may not always be in the best interest of our country.

Another challenge to product listings on Amazon is the inability or difficulty to purchase items on Backorder.  Many items are often shipped directly from the manufacturer, are made-to-order, and/or have long delivery lead times.  These type of products are not ideal Amazon product listings.  Customers that are looking for these type of products typically need to procure them outside of Amazon's platform and are not even able to find / search for them on Amazon's platform and must resort to Google searches to find the products they are looking for on other sites.

Amazon charges extremely high fees for products sold on their site.  Their commission is in the range of 15%, which often eliminates all profit margin opportunities for sellers and only benefits larger organizations that can sell items with massive economies of scale.  One can argue that these fees are actually acceptable because companies selling their products on Amazon do not necessarily require their own website, ecommerce platform, or other tools that Amazon provides to successfully sell to millions of customers.   These operational costs can often be significantly higher than the fees charged by Amazon.  


GoVets is an alternative to Amazon for many reasons.  

  • GoVets offers several million products across thousands of categories and over 10,000 unique brands. 
  • GoVets offers 100% free shipping on all of our products.  There are no surprises, no additional fees or additional decision-making throughout the Checkout process.
  • GoVets is 100% USA based and has been in business for 10 years.
  • GoVets has delivered products to every state and almost every government agency around the country.  We have over 250,000 satisfied customers and most of our customers are government and business shoppers.
  • GoVets customers can search for and purchase products that are either In-Stock or products that are shipped directly from the Manufacturer and/or backordered with longer lead time.  Customers can choose to cancel their backorders at any time.
  • GoVets customers typically receive their products within 2-3 business days for in-stock items.
  • GoVets customer support team is based in the USA and our customers can communicate in one of many ways with one of our representatives.  
  • GoVets is constantly updating our products, product prices and provide real-time availability across all Zip-Codes in the United States.
  • GoVets offers flights, hotels, car rentals around the world and tickets to almost ANY sporting event, concert, broadway show or special events across the United States.  Customers receive Store Credit on GoVets when purchasing any travel or ticket items.  
  • GoVets is always running promotions/sales across various product categories and brands throughout the year.  Always check out our promotions for the latest updates.
  • GoVets is owned/operated by Veratics, Inc - a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  



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