Filter Roll 24 inx90 ft.x1 in MERV 8 MPN:2JRV7

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Brand: Air Handler
Part #: 2JRV7
Filter Roll 24 in.x90 ft.x1 in. MERV 8
General use air filter rolls capture airborne contaminants to protect HVAC systems from damage. They consist of a long length of filter media that can be cut to size. These rolls are most commonly used as pre-filters to capture large particles before they reach the final filters downstream, which extends the life of the more expensive final filters. Ideal for use in HVAC systems in commercial buildings, schools, and universities.

Air filter rolls consist of a long length of non-pleated air filter media. The filter media is typically installed in a compatible frame to create an air filter for removing contaminants from the air stream in HVAC systems or paint booth equipment. This avoids the build up of contaminants in the equipment, which can lead to damage, and it increases the quality of the air. Air filter media rolls are commonly used to replace dirty air filter media in HVAC systems and paint booths.

Technical Specifications

  • Air Filter Item Air Filter Roll
  • Style - Air Filters Roll
  • Nominal Filter Size 24 in x 90 ft x 1 in
  • Performance Rating MERV 8
  • Filter Efficiency - Air Filters 60 %
  • Common Applications General Use
  • Media Material Polyester
  • Surface Tackifier Yes
  • Media Color Orange/White
  • Filters Out Cat & Dog Dander, Cement Dust, Dust Mites, Dusting Aids, Fabric Protector, Hair Spray, MERV 5-8 Mold, Pudding Mix, Spores
  • Removes Particles Down To 3.0 to 10.0 microns
  • Initial Resistance @ 300 fpm 0.19 in wc
  • Initial Resistance @ 500 fpm 0.32 in wc
  • Recommended Final Resistance 0.5 in wc
  • Max. Temp. 180°F
  • Max. Velocity 625 fpm
  • Nominal Height 24 in
  • Nominal Width 90 ft
  • Nominal Thickness 1 in
  • Actual Filter Size 24 in x 90 ft x 3/4 in
  • Actual Height 24 in
  • Actual Width 90 ft
  • Actual Thickness 3/4 in
  • Standards UL 900
  • Item Air Filter Roll

Manufacturer Details

  • Manufacturer: Air Handler
  • Condensed Mfg Number: 2JRV7
  • MPN: 2JRV7

Label Details

  • Hazardous Material: N
  • Green Material Flag: N
  • Country of Origin: ZZ
  • CA Prop 65 Wht Label: N

Shipping Details

  • Ship Weight: 15.50

Classification Details

  • Harmonization Code: 5911900080
  • GDS Category Name: Air Filter Rolls
  • GDS Family Name: Air Filters
  • GDS Segment Name: HVAC and Refrigeration
  • UNSPSC: 40161805
  • UNSPSC Class ID: 18
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Filter media
  • UNSPSC Commodity ID: 05
  • UNSPSC Commodity Name: Filter cloth
  • UNSPSC Family ID: 16
  • UNSPSC Family Name: Industrial filtering and purification
  • UNSPSC Segment ID: 40
  • UNSPSC Segment Name: Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components

Shipping Details

  • Not For Sale In: HI AK PR
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