Reseller Certificate / Tax Exemption Request Form

If you have tax exemption, please fill out the following fields, attach your Reseller Certificate or Tax Exemption Certificates and Submit this form. 

Note:  Since you are purchasing items from individual sellers on GoVets, if your reseller certificate must identify a company on it, please DO NOT add GoVets at this time. Please make sure to add the specific vendors that you intend to do business with that are relevant to your reseller certificate.  If you need to search for Vendors in your state, please go to our Shop By Vendor page and filter results by State to obtain the specific vendors that you need to create Reseller certificates for.

We will review your request and if approved, you will receive tax Exemption for your GoVets account.  Please note that we have a zero tolerance policy and any abusive behavior will lead to your user account and/or organization being banned from purchasing items on GoVets.   

Application Form

Tax Exemption Forms / Reseller Certificates

Certification and Application Submission